Sublimated socks are awesome!

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Sublimated Socks Are Awesome

3 Reasons Sublimated Socks Are Awesome

Are you tired of wearing the same old white socks that always get dirty and ugly after you wear them only a few times? Do you want to wear cool, printed socks with lots of bright graphics when you’re working out, playing sports, or just showing off your unique fashion sense? Unfortunately, a lot of printed socks don’t look as cool when you wear them as they do in the packaging because they have sub par printing. This is just one of the reasons that sublimated socks are awesome.

Sublimation Printing Looks Better

First of all, if you’ve ever put on a pair of printed socks just to find that the graphic gets warped and turns so pale that you can’t even see it, then you weren’t wearing sublimated socks. You were wearing a pair of socks with lower quality printing that didn’t stand up to normal wear. With sublimation printing, the dyes are actually heat transferred directly onto the fabric, so they’re basically infused into the fabric instead of being printed on top of it.

Sublimated socks are awesome because this printing process allows for true colors and the best graphics. These socks will look just as good when you’re wearing them as they do in their packaging or in images you see online of them.

Put a Smile on Your Face at the Gym

Of course, the quality of the printing isn’t the only reason why sublimated socks are awesome. They can also improve your mood and motivate you to go to the gym. It might sound silly, but it really does work. When you’re feeling tired and you don’t really want to go to the gym, putting on an old pair of sweat socks and some ratty gym clothes won’t really motivate you – in fact, you might be even more tempted to stay home.

Now, think of how you’ll feel when you put on a pair of bright, fun socks and some cool gym clothes. You’re probably feeling more motivated already, aren’t you? See? Sublimated socks are awesome because they can make going to the gym more fun!

Add Some Flair to Your Work Attire

Have you looked at men’s dress socks lately? They used to be all dark colors, and the only acceptable patterns were stripes or argyle. Today, though, more and more fashion-forward businessmen are wearing bright, fun sublimated socks to work with their suits. The effect is both fun and professional, and it works really well when you want to stand out in an interview, as well.

Now you know just a few of the reasons why sublimated socks are awesome and why you might want to consider ordering some custom socks with sublimated printing from Galloree today. With no minimum order, you can create your favorite designs and wear them yourself, give them away as gifts, or sell them online to make some extra cash. Or you could go to the Galloree Market to check out some of the available designs that others have created, too. Grab some cool sublimated socks today and have more fun with your wardrobe.

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