Free stores for non profit organizations.

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Galloree offers free online stores for non profits.

Free Online Stores for Non Profits

Galloree Offers Free Online Stores for Non-Profits

If you run or work for a non-profit organization, you know how challenging it can be to raise money for a good cause. In general, people are good and want to help out, but they often don’t know how and getting the word out about your organization can be difficult. Fortunately, though, it just got a lot easier to raise money because Galloree offers free online stores for non-profits.

How can an online store help you spread the word about your cause and raise money for it? Actually, it can help in quite a few ways. Here are just a few of the best benefits of having an online store for custom print on demand products from Galloree.

Sell Cool Products With Your Non-Profit’s Name on Them

First of all, with free online stores for non-profits, you can create completely custom designs for over a hundred different products. Because the site provides print on demand services, and because there’s no minimum order, you can offer as many or as few products as you want, and you won’t have to worry about inventory or order fulfillment.

If you’re raising money to build wells in countries where fresh water is scarce, you could sell cool and useful water bottles, glasses, or mugs, but that’s not all. You could also create attractive t-shirts, hoodies, hats, stickers, keychains, and more. Plus, when you choose Galloree for your online store, you can get some really unique products that you can’t get from other sites, like skateboards, phone cases, and even pet sweaters and doggie tank tops. And you can add new designs whenever you want to run a promotion or raise awareness of a particular issue, too.

Customize Your Store

Better still, Galloree’s free online stores for non-profits have unbranded designs. That means that you can completely customize your online store to match your website, and you can embed it in your organization’s website, as well. That’s right – you can sell your print on demand products directly from your site using your free online store.

You Don’t Need to Be a Coder

If you’re worried that uploading designs and adding new products to your store will be difficult, there’s nothing to worry about. Setup is easy for free online stores for non-profits, and you don’t need to know any HTML or any other code to do it. You can easily upload files to your store, and you’ll have no trouble adding lots of new items whenever you want to in just minutes.

Getting the word out about your non-profit has never been easier thanks to free online stores for non-profits from Galloree. You can easily create an ecommerce store that you can use for your website and link to on social media to get more sales for your custom products. Check out all of the benefits of selling print on demand products through Galloree and then create an account today to get started.


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