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DTG Tshirt Printing

What Is DTG Tshirt Printing and Why Should You Care?

If you’ve been researching the best ways to produce custom shirts and other garments, you’ve probably run across the concept of DTG tshirt printing. You may even have had some friends or coworkers tell you that this is the best option for your designs, but what is it? And is it really better than other printing processes?

DTG stands for direct to garment, and it’s a unique process that uses a specific DTG printer to transfer images directly to t-shirts, hoodies, and other pieces of clothing.

Basically, a DTG printer is a lot like an inkjet style printer, using magenta, yellow, cyan, and black inks to create all of the colors of the rainbow.

For white garments, the process is simple – the design is sized and positioned, the colors are properly adjusted, and then the design is printed onto the garment. If the garments being used are any other color, a white underlay is printed first, followed by the design itself. This ensures that all colors are true, no matter what color garment they’re printed on.

That’s all great, but why should you care about DTG tshirt printing? Here are just a few reasons that you might want to go this route for custom designed shirts.

Get a Reputation for Producing Attractive Shirts

First, whether you’re selling shirts and other garments as a part of your business or you’re designing and selling or giving away shirts for any other reason, you don’t want to be known for creating poor quality products. You want to stand out from the crowd and get a good reputation for producing really cool designs that look amazing and last. DTG tshirt printing can help you get that reputation because you’ll never have to worry about colors bleeding or coming out wrong because of the color of the shirt itself.

Create Your Own Unique Styles

Even if you’re not creating shirts and other apparel for sale or to give away, you might want to create your own shirts that you know no one else is wearing. You want to stand out as someone with a huge creative streak who only wears custom clothes. With print on demand DTG tshirt printing, you can create one-off shirts that only you have, or you can make a limited run of them just for you and your friends. Then, if there’s a big demand for them, you might think about starting to sell them to make some extra cash or even build your design company.

Now you can see why you should care about DTG tshirt printing. It’s a much higher quality printing process than a lot of other processes, and it’s available from Galloree at affordable prices. Whether you want to sell cool shirts for your business or to raise money for your school or a charity, or even if you just want to wear your designs, you can get the best custom printed products from Galloree. Design your first shirt today!

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