Custom inside neck tags

retagging t-shirts

You can now order your shirts with custom printed labels inside the shirts through the website.  There is no minimum order to add a custom tag to your shirts.

Brand Your Tee Shirts With Inside Neck Tags

 If you’re going to put in all the effort to create tee shirts and other garments by drawing up cutting edge designs, make sure you don’t skimp when it comes to the inside neck tag. This tag will provide relevant information, including size, brand, washing instructions, and other essential things. Most of the time, this tag is placed right below the rear neck collar. Customers pay attention to every detail, which means that designers must also pay attention to all the details.

 These days, you have two primary choices when it comes selecting a tag for your shirt. Clothing manufacturers can chose either a printed tag, or a separate tag that is then sewn into your shirt. Both types of tags can work well, depending on the given situation but more and more designers have been shifting towards printed tags for various reasons.

 These days, many fashion brands and printing companies use tag-less inside neck tags. Sounds a bit like an oxymoron doesn’t it? A tag-less tag means that the brand, size, and all the other stuff normally found on the inside neck tag is printed directly onto the fabric. These printed tags are cheaper, less intrusive, and when done right can be stylish.

 Why You Can’t Skip Neck Tags

 Don’t underestimate the importance of your tag. You need to make sure you take time to design it well. A tag is a great place to display your logo, and logos in turn are a great way to show off your brand image. It’s easy and tempting to overlook little details like logos and tags, especially when you’re pouring so much effort into awesome designs. A logo, however, represents whom you are as a company or designer, so make sure you take a moment to design something that is unique and that reflects you or your company’s personality.

 You should also make sure that any inside neck tag you make is easy to read. While we encourage you to go wild with the design, we also urge you to show a touch of restraint. Make sure everything you design is functional and able to accomplish its goals, including your tags. Customers will need to refer to tags to check sizes, learn how to care for their garment, and to find out other pieces of information. Make sure your tag performs its job of imparted such information, and make sure it does so with ease. You don’t want customers struggling to find information.

Designing a nice tag can help your design company stand out. Some designers overlook tags. Others try to cut corners and just slap on any old tag without much thought to how it looks or performs. This is a mistake, but it’s a mistake that will provide you and your company with an opportunity to stand out. By taking a bit of extra time to design a refined inside neck tag, you’ll make your company stand out from the crowd. So make sure you brand your tee shirts and other garments with some rocking tags!