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Artwork Guidelines

For standard t-shirts prints - 200 DPI at print size PNG file with a transparent background.

For all over sublimated items 150-200DPI at print size JPG file.

High res file are very important.  We can not offer refunds or reprints for order submitted with low res artwork.



The key to a good print and ultimately an awesome product is good quality artwork. This means we need high quality, high resolution digital files to produce the best possible products to make sure our customers love their products.

This page covers what we need to succeed in terms of digital files.

File Types and resolution:

We require our sellers to upload a .png with a transparent background. This file should be at least 72 DPI and 500+ pixels on the larger side. This file is for displaying products on our website.

We also need our sellers to upload an additional higher resolution or vector file to achieve the best possible results. This file should be at least 200 DPI at the largest print size. If you will be selling multiple product with the same design, you will need the file to be 200 DPI at print size for the largest item. For example if you sell a 24 x 36 inch canvas the file needs to be created at that size. Our system will then scale it down to fit other items.  Starting with a smaller file and enlarging it will result in loss of quality. Acceptable file types for the print file are: .png, .psd, .ai, .pdf, .tiff, .jpg


High resolution PNG files are the best. (200DPI at print size)

For vector files please convert all fonts to outlines or curves and save as PDF compatible.

For PSD files please rasterize all fonts and flatten image with a seperate background layer.

If you are unsure of your files resolution you can simply zoom in on the file, if the edges get jagged or the image is at all blurry you have a low resolution file and that will result in a less then stellar final product.Once printed the product will only look worse then it appears on your screen.


***If you do not understand any of this we recommend researching on google or consulting with a graphic designer before setting up a store or ordering custom printed items.

Caution: Since we do digital printing we can print any file resoultion.  Refunds or returns will not be accepted due to poor quality as a result of low resoution files being used.  Due to our high volume we can not contact every customer when a less then ideal image is uploaded for print.


Image resolution