Why use a t-shirt drop shipping service?

t-shirt drop shipping services

Galloree offers t-shirt drop shipping services. You do the designing and selling and leave the printing and shipping to us.

The Benefits of T-Shirt Drop Shipping Services
When it comes to making sales and turning a profit, there is much more than simply selling an item that goes into it. As a business owner, you have the option of ordering a huge amount of products, finding a place that you can rent for storage, then heading to that location to find and ship the items as they sell. Additionally, if you are in the T-shirt business, or any other for that matter, your product storage area is going to need a lot of space. All that space doesn’t come cheap either, and that’s why many businesses are opting for T-shirt drop shipping services.

What It Means
T-shirt drop shipping allows you to offer a huge range of designs, without having to worry about paying rental fees and other costs for storing them in your own facility. With drop shipping, you or your customers will place their order, and we produce the T-shirts and ship them to your customers. It really is that simple, but this method provides some serious benefits.

Considerable Savings
How much could your business save each month if you didn’t have to pay for the rent, utilities, and security for your warehouse or garage? If you’re like most clothing sellers, that amount is probably quite considerable. When you use our T-shirt drop shipping services, you no longer have to worry about those high costs associated with your storage areas.

Cheaper Startup
Starting your own T-shirt business can be incredibly exciting, but it can also be horribly expensive too. You have to order all that stock, purchase the printing equipment, and find a great location – all of which adds up super quick. If you opt for T-shirt drop shipping services, you eliminate all of that! You never have to carry your own stock, there are no storage fees required, and you don’t even need any equipment for printing – we can handle all of it for you. That means that your business will actually start making money quickly, rather than simply bringing in enough to almost cover all those startup costs.

We Even Take It a Step Further
If you really want to make life easier, you can even create your own storefront on our e-commerce platform. You get to set everything up just the way you like, including tying it to your own existing website or store, and set your own prices. That’s all there is to it – once you’re set up, when a customer orders, we create the T-shirts and send them on their merry way. Oh, and we send you your payments every month too, just because we want to make your life and running your business easier.
Whether you are trying to take your business to the next level, or you’re just getting started with a hot new design, make sure to check out our T-shirt drop shipping services. You’ll save money, time, and headaches, since we handle everything for you – how’s that for streamlining and simplifying your business processes?

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