Sublimated coffee mugs.

custom sublimated mugs

Galloree offers custom sublimated coffee mugs with no minimum order. Design your online today.

Sublimated Coffee Mugs

4 Cool Things About Sublimated Coffee Mugs

Are you considering what to get your favorite teacher, your boss, or one of your employees for their birthday or just to show that you appreciate them? What about your customers? Would you like to show them that you care and give them the opportunity to do a bit of advertising for you at the same time? Sublimated coffee mugs might be just what you’ve been looking for.

What Are Sublimated Coffee Mugs?

Now, if you’re not sure what sublimated coffee mugs are, don’t worry. Unless you’re very familiar with the printing process for fabrics and hard surfaces, you may not be aware of sublimation printing. This type of printing doesn’t rely on a sticker or decal, and it isn’t just ink painted onto the surface of a material. Instead, using heat, the ink is actually transferred to the material and bonded with it.


Thus, sublimated coffee mugs are mugs that have had designs printed on them using sublimation. Their designs are more durable and more vibrant than other printing methods, making them the perfect choice when you want to create a custom mug for yourself or someone else.


They’re Completely Customizable


One of the best things about sublimation printing is that you don’t have to choose from pre-made designs to get an attractive finished product. When you get sublimated coffee mugs from Galloree, you can upload any design you want, including your company’s logo and motto, photos, paintings, drawings, or anything else you want to put on a mug.

People Love Custom Mugs

If you want to give your employees something to show that you appreciate them, custom mugs like these are a great idea. If you’ve ever spent any time around a typical office, one of the first things you’ll hear people complaining about is lost or stolen mugs. When you buy sublimated mugs from Galloree, you can create completely customized designs that your employees or customers will love.

And, because there’s no minimum order, you can order personalized mugs with people’s names on them. Your employees will appreciate the gesture, and they’ll love that no one can steal their mugs.

They’re Free Advertising

If you give away or sell sublimated coffee mugs with your company’s logo on them, the people who buy them will likely take them to work and use them around others. This is great for you because then other people will see your logo and be interested in what kinds of products or services you provide. Both traditional and travel coffee mugs are great for this because people always want their coffee!

Are you ready to boost your brand recognition and show your employees, customers, and business partners that you appreciate them? Design your customized sublimated coffee mugs today and see how attractive and fun they can be. Start with one for yourself or a friend to test out your design. Then, when you’re happy with the design, you can order them for the whole office or sell them in your online store.


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