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sell t-shirts online

Galloree makes it easy to quickly set a free online t-shirt store

If you’re in the market for buying or selling custom t-shirts online, it seems that there are lots of options to choose from these days. When you look a little closer, many of them aren’t quite such a good deal. Hidden extra costs can creep in, whether for shipping or the sort of design choices that should really be included as standard. The design process itself can be clunky and frustrating, the choice of shirt designs can be limited and at the end of it, how can you be sure of the quality of the finished product. Will the shirt be well-made, from top quality materials? Will the print be even? There’s one way to have peace of mind about all of these questions. Come to

Galloree is your one stop shop for every aspect of designing, creating, marketing, selling and shipping t-shirts. If you need t-shirts produced to promote your team, band, company or whatever, then we can provide the tools for you to perfect your design, then we’ll supply a finished, high-quality product. Unlike many other t-shirt printing companies, we have no minimum order – you can stop at just one shirt, if that’s what you require. We offer screen printing, digital printing and embroidery and can even offer a custom, cut and sew service for many of our products. While you’re at it, why stop at t-shirts? Check out our mugs, tote bags, laptop cases, skateboards, stickers, wall art…the list goes on and on.

Where things get really exciting though is if you want to try your hand at running your own custom printed t-shirt store. We can set up a free online store for you that allows you to showcase your own designs or let your customers make their own. That’s right – free! There’s absolutely no charge for setting up your own store front – Galloree will provide a fully customizable template, you add your branding and header images and choose from over 200 printable products to add your designs to. Our price list is straightforward and simple to follow – there are no hidden charges waiting in the shadows to surprise you.

Our eCommerce sites are fully secure and ready to accept online payments including paypal. If you select a public store, your designs will be displayed on the Galloree site, so that they can easily be found by customers who are searching for printed apparel and other goods. We’ll handle the marketing and the technical side of things – you don’t need any web design experience, knowledge of HTML or anything similar. Our system takes care of all that for you. If you do already have some experience and the confidence to publish your store to the wider web, then there’s nothing to stop you. Your store can be embedded into your existing website or showcased on Facebook or similar sites. In fact, anywhere you can embed a snippet of code, you can embed your t-shirt store. You can then market it as a stand-alone store and keep your customers within your own online area. However and wherever you choose to display your store front, it will always be 100% free to use.

If you prefer, you can even make your store private – ideal for clubs, sports teams, or private event organizers. You will still receive the same profit, whether your store is public or private. Private stores won’t appear on the Galloree pages and you will have total control over how they are marketed and how easy they are to find. If you’re a web designer, you can embed a private store into your own unique design and offer it to your customers, as a ready-made, fully eCommerce enabled t-shirt store without the need for any eCommerce experience of your own.

There are all kinds of reasons why private stores might be a good idea – say you’re organizing a bachelor or bachelorette party and have come up with the perfect t-shirt (not to mention other products) for the guests to wear. You could buy a bulk load of t-shirts and take them to a local print shop to have them printed up to your specifications but you have a problem. Do you know all the guests’ sizes? Probably not. Do you really want to phone each of them to ask what size they take? No way! Do you just buy a batch of size XXXL and let the skinny guys and girls spend the party looking like they’re wearing a tent? Still not a good plan. How about setting up a private Galloree store and letting all the guests buy their own? You can specify which color and style of shirt they start with, let them select their own size and have it delivered direct to them. Once the party’s over, you can shut the store down and that’s the end of it…or, if more of your friends are getting married, you can keep it going for the next time you have to organize a party.

There’s no limit on the number of stores you can set up and you will have complete control over each one. You also retain all rights to your designs and have the right to withdraw them at any time. If you don’t want your design to be sold any more, then we won’t print it, even if we love it – it’s as simple as that!

So…what about the money side of things? Who decides the prices to be charged for your customized products? You do! We charge a low base price for all of our printable goods. You set the markup that you want to make on each item (40% is our recommendation), to be added in either dollars or as a percentage and leave the rest up to us. Galloree will pay all profits, using PayPal, within 15 days of shipping the order, so all you have to do is get paid…and dream up cool new designs, of course! In fact, once you’ve tried your hand at selling t-shirts online though the Galloree system, we’re sure you’ll want to do it again and again.

Our online design software is easy to use, super flexible…it’s awesome, basically and we’re very proud of it. You’ll have so much fun letting your creativity go crazy that you won’t want to stop. Since you can open multiple stores, you can sell different design categories in different places, if you want. Maybe you’d like to send great aunt Bertha a link to your store that sells t-shirts emblazoned with characters from great literature? Sure, but maybe you don’t want her to see the t-shirts with characters from your favorite horror movies – so put those in a different store!

design t-shirts online

Galloree’s advanced design tools make creating your t-shirts easy and fun.

Inspiration for great t-shirt designs is all around you. Once you get the bug, you’ll see ideas every time you turn a corner, so you may want to start carrying a notebook to help you remember them. And if a t-shirt hasn’t sold and you’ve realized that the tag line really wasn’t as hilarious as you first thought it was, never mind. Just quietly delete it and nobody will have to see it again.

Of course, how you approach the question of t-shirt design and marketing will depend on whether you’re using the store as a fun way to play around with design ideas and maybe sell a few shirts to people with similar interests or if you’re looking for a serious business idea. If you want to make a living from your t-shirt sales, then you will need to pay more attention to several different aspects of the process.

If you want your t-shirt business to grow, then you’ll need to start out with a plan. Firstly, is there a niche market for your store? If you want to create a recognizable brand, then your products need to stand out from all the other t-shirts out there and that may be harder if there’s no theme to your designs. Do some research. Have a look at the t-shirts that other sellers have to offer. Are they successful with their designs or is there something that you can do to improve upon them? Is there a gap in the t-shirt market that your designs can fill? If there is (and it’s something that interests you) then brilliant – go for it! You’re more likely to be successful with designs that you yourself would wear, so don’t just jump into a niche because you think it’s there – that gap in the market may actually be a sign that there is no market for this style! If there’s a theme that you and your social peers would happily wear, then you know that there are at least some potential customers out there – consider how someone would best market to you.

Once you believe that you’ve found your style, get creating! Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for feedback on your designs. If you’re going to be selling them to the rest of the world, then there’s no need to be shy at this stage. Don’t let negative reactions get you down too much – if your teenaged brother hates everything anyway, he might not be great as an unbiased critic. Do take on board constructive criticism though. You don’t have to make changes that you don’t want to but at least bear it in mind for the future. After all, you’re not paying a cent up-front for a Galloree store, so if you have to scrap the first effort and start again from scratch you won’t have lost anything but a little time and you’ll have gained a whole lot of experience.

Take advantage of the flexibility of Galloree store fronts. Social media is one of the most important marketing areas these days so embed your store front into a Facebook page, Tumblr and anywhere else that you can place it. Then get the word out. Ask everyone to like and share your store and don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. This is all part of the learning process and you might get some good suggestions.

One thing that you will have to decide early on is how to price your products. This is all wrapped up with your brand image and your marketing strategy. As with most businesses, you need to consider the value/volume trade off. Do you want to keep your profit margins low, in the hope of selling your goods in large quantities to the low-cost end of the market, or are you planning to position yourself as a high-end, premium brand? Whilst we generally recommend a 40% markup on our base prices, the final decision about pricing us up to you. Look through our price lists and work out what other business expenses your gross profit needs to cover – you don’t have the expense of renting a store but your time is valuable and you may even consider paying for help with marketing and other functions. A little early trial and error may be needed before you get the price right but the luxury of the Galloree business model is that your up-front investment in your product and retail costs is precisely zero. You can spend some time getting everything just right because we won’t take a cent until you start making sales.

When your shirts start selling, you can be confident that your customers are receiving consistently high-quality goods. Galloree does all of the printing in-house and never outsources to another printer, so you won’t get any surprises. You’ll enjoy doing business with the friendly folks at Galloree, too. We love to print and we love to help our customers sell great t-shirts online. We’re confident that our system is the most flexible and user-friendly one stop system for creating and selling custom printed apparel and other goods – and we should know! With more than 10 years of experience and many millions of products printed over that time, Galloree is your ideal partner for a successful online t-shirt business. We can’t wait to meet you.

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