Selling on POD sites. Part 9 of 10. Getting Paid.

9. Getting Paid

Now for the most important and exciting part of the print-on-demand process: getting paid! You’ll want to read the fine print before you commit to your POD provider. Make sure that you understand how their payment scale works, how long they take to pay you, and how frequently they pay.

Read the Fine Print

You may think that once you start selling products, you’ll start making money. However, some POD providers have policies in place that allow them to wait up to 60 days to pay you. Once you’ve started regularly selling for some time, you’ll most likely have regular payments coming in. However, you should also know about how frequently you will get paid.

If, for example, your POD provider guarantees payment within 60 days of any purchase, your first 60 days may not see any payments at all, but after that, if you are making consistent sales, you should get consistent, frequent payments.

Some providers pay on a quarterly basis, so you will only be paid every 3 months, but you will be paid for all sales in those 3 months. guarantees payment within 15 days of an item being recieved and will pay you through PayPal.

Know What Affects Your Payment and How Much to Expect

Your payment can be affected by returns or exchanges, depending on your POD provider’s policies. For example, Galloree gives customers 10 days after receiving an item to return it. If the item is returned, you will not be paid for it. That’s part of the reason for a minor delay in payment.

Some POD sites do not allow you to set your own prices and will give you a certain set percentage of each sale. Others, like Galloree, have a minimum price to cover their expenses, but they allow you to set your prices at any price-point above that minimum. You will be paid everything above the minimum cost.

So, if your minimum cost on a product is $10.00, and you mark it up to $14.00, you will be paid $4.00 for each item that you sell. That’s only a 40% markup on the item, and, considering you don’t have any fees from Galloree, it’s all profit. If you sell 100 products, you’ll have $400 in your pocket within 15 days of your customers receiving their items.

Make sure that you can keep track of your sales on your POD provider’s site. That way you’ll know when to expect payments and how much to expect. You should also make sure that you are fully prepared for the payment type that your POD provider works with.

For example, as we mentioned earlier, Galloree works with PayPal, so you must have a PayPal account to get paid through their service. Fortunately, PayPal is free and easy to sign up for. Most people already have accounts, and even if you don’t, you could have one in just moments.

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