Selling on POD site, Part 10 of 10, the conclusion.

10. In Conclusion – Print-on-Demand Is the Way to Go!


Now that you know everything involved with designing and selling products through a print-on-demand provider like Galloree, you can see how using a POD site can help you sell your products. You don’t have to invest any significant money to get started. You might have to enlist the aid of a graphic designer, or you might need a little bit of web development help with your site, but you don’t have to pay for a lot of product upfront.

In fact, you don’t have to pay for any products that you don’t sell, and the price of the products comes directly out of your selling price. That means you may never have to spend any money at all out of pocket.

Furthermore, you won’t have to pay a developer or programmer to create an online store for you. You can create your own in 5 minutes or less on your POD provider’s site, and then you can embed that store into your own site. So you never have to have your customers navigate away from your brand’s website.

If your products have mass appeal, people can search for products similar to them and see them on your POD provider’s marketplace. This way you may sell a lot of products to buyers who never would have known about you otherwise.

Be Patient and You’ll Reap the Rewards

Now, remember, you can’t just put your products online and expect them to sell immediately. Building brand recognition and a customer base takes time and some effort. If you are persistent and patient, making regular updates to social media and sending out fun and entertaining newsletters to your email list by using a service like MailChimp, you’ll start seeing more sales.

If you use, you could start to see payments for your sales as little as 2 weeks after your first customer makes their first purchase. After that, if you keep marketing and trying new and innovative advertising strategies, you’ll see more and more. If you stick to it, your brand could be making serious money in just a few months.

Keep it Fresh and Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Remember that special, limited edition items create urgency. Don’t be afraid to change your online inventory and experiment with items that sell better at different times of the year. Don’t make everything available all the time, or you’ll overload your customers with choices.

With too many choices, they’ll tend to think, “I can’t decide…I’ll come back later.” Unfortunately, oftentimes, “later” never comes. Instead, experiment with incentive programs, special edition items, and other marketing techniques. And don’t forget to keep up with what similar brands are doing with their products.

You certainly don’t want to rip off anyone’s designs, but you can watch trends in sales and products to tweak your own store. For example, if everyone is wearing trucker hats this year, you might want to include some of those in your store. Most of all, have fun with your designs and your products, and keep at it. You could be the next big thing!

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