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Earn Part-Time Profit Selling Art Online

There are many people who would rather quit their jobs and work from home. The fact is that a lot of people hate the hustle and bustle of everyday life and would prefer to make a living in a way that is easier and more enjoyable. However, as much information as there is online about working from home opportunities, it is difficult to make a full-time transition immediately. That is why it is beneficial to earn part-time profits selling art online.

 Beware of Promises That Are Too Good to Be True

 Do a quick Internet search for “work from home” and see how many results promise big profits for little work, all while sitting at home in your underwear. The reality, however, is that making a full-time career out of many of the listed opportunities is very difficult. It either takes a lot of hard work, similar to the work many are trying to remove themselves from, or they are frauds. In fact, one of the first suggestions to complete your “work from home” search entry will likely be the word “scam.”

 Luckily, though, there are ways to make a living from home. It is just easier to begin part-time. Selling art online at is a great way to get started. At Galloree, you can upload your art or images and allow customers to purchase posters, prints and canvases. You determine the price you want to charge, or select a percentage of profit, and Galloree will pay you for the art you sell.

 Of course, Galloree will not make you an offer that is too good to be true. The suggested profit is 40% of the sales price, and you must have items sell in order to make money. There are just many advantages to both sides: you develop art that is inventory for Galloree, which will make a profit with you, and Galloree provides a marketplace to shop your artwork and designs. You retain the rights to the work, and can stop selling whenever you want, so everyone wins.

 How to Make More Money Selling Art Online

 Social media is a huge part of today’s society, and it is a great tool for business leaders and entrepreneurs. If you are looking to turn selling art online into a full-time business, or simply want to transition into an art and design career, utilizing social media to build your brand is very important. Luckily, you can use Galloree to sell your work on Facebook, or other social media networks in addition to the site itself.

 Additionally, since there is no cost to sell on, you will have an opportunity to make more money in overall profits because you will have no additional overhead. You won’t have to invest in additional canvases or print materials to make posters, or even deal with shipping costs. You upload the images, determine your price margins, and Galloree takes care of the rest. It’s that simple.

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