Metal Photo Prints

Metal Photo Prints: Make Your Photo Prints Stand Out
In years past, you only had a few options for your photos. You could have them on photo paper and frame them, you could have them printed on canvas, and you could even have them printed onto clothing – if you were okay with the rather poor quality of the print. Luckily, technology and inquisitive minds have come up with some creative ways of displaying those favorite photos. One of those is metal photo prints.
Metal Photos?
Yes, we know it sounds a bit strange, and you may even be thinking back to those interesting tintypes that came into popularity around 1856. That isn’t what we are talking about here. Metal photo prints are the newest way of capturing those special moments, and they are the perfect combination for giving your photo displays a modern, contemporary feel.
So, What Are Metal Photo Prints?
Metal photo prints are basically your image printed onto aluminum. The process works by using dye sublimation, which provides bright, gorgeous colors. Your image is printed onto transfer paper, which is then applied to a panel made from aluminum using special dye sublimation inks. The image is transferred by a heat press, which causes the inks to turn into a gas, and fuse with the material. The aluminum panel is coated with a polymer that allows for the gases to penetrate, which causes them to fuse with the material upon cooling.
Why You Should Consider Metal Photo Prints
Due to the dye sublimation process, the finished image is crisp and bright, but that isn’t the only benefit. Once these images are created, your metal photo print provides exceptional durability, and the colors will not fade. Whether you display your images in sunlight, or in high traffic areas, the polymer coating protects the image from scratching or peeling, which means you will be able to treasure those memories forever, without having to worrying about damage like you do with traditional photos. You also won’t have to worry about broken glass either, since you don’t even need a traditional frame for protection!
Oh, the Possibilities!
We offer a wide range of metal photo print options, which means you can get totally creative. If you want a smaller print, you can opt for the 8 x 10 inch size, or you can totally catch the eye with a breathtaking 40 x 60 inch print, as well as many other sizes in between. You can also choose from 8, 11, or 16-inch diameter round metal photo prints, which adds even more visual interest to your design.
More Options
You will also be able to choose whether you want your image to have a gloss finish, or a matte one. When you combine the high quality prints with different size and shape options, your choice of finish, and superior resistance to damage and fading, it’s easy to see why metal photo prints are becoming so popular. The overall look is sure to be stunning, and since you can use any image or design, you can truly transform the look of any room to make it uniquely yours.

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