Custom Printed Fabric

custom printed fabric

Galloree offers custom printed fabric. No minimum order with huge bulk discounts.

Custom Printed Fabric

Custom Printed Fabric Items You Should Be Selling in Your Online Store

If you’re selling branded merchandise for your business online, you’re probably already selling custom t-shirts, and you may even be selling hats and some other custom printed fabric items. Whether you’re promoting your blog or YouTube channel, or you specialize in creating cool logos and designs that people will want to wear and use, there are a few fabric items that you may not have considered selling yet. Add these to your online store, advertise them on social media, and see what happens to your sales.

Cut and Sewn Shirts and Hoodies

Cut and sewn products are limited-run items that are specifically made with a cool design that isn’t mass-produced. These shirts and hoodies will be a little bit more expensive than mass-produced options, but they’ll also be higher quality and will have an air of exclusivity. When you run limited edition cut and sewn hoodies and t-shirts, your customers will feel a sense of urgency to buy them because these products won’t be around forever.


Are they pants or are they just tights? Whether you think leggings are pants or not, they’re definitely in style. Women wear them to the gym, to lounge around the house, under skirts for a little stylish warmth, and (you guessed it) as pants when they go out to run errands, meet friends, or even go on dates. Leggings are everywhere you look right now, and a lot of stylish ladies are in love with some really crazy and fun designs for them. So why not cash in on that? Design some custom printed fabric leggings for your online store and take advantage of a fashion craze that looks like it’s here to stay.

Shirts for Fido

Doggie tank tops and sweaters are a lot of fun, and more and more pet owners are dressing up their dogs and cats in funny and stylish shirts. You can create a whole line of custom printed fabric sweaters, t-shirts, and tank tops for dogs that will attract more customers and show off your cool designs when they take Fido on a walk wearing one of your doggie shirts or tank tops.

Tote Bags, Backpacks, and Laptop Sleeves

Some of your customers may need to abide by a specific dress code when going to work or school, which will leave them with little time to wear your shirts or hoodies. However, they can still sport your fun designs on custom printed fabric tote bags, drawstring backpacks, or laptop sleeves. These high quality items feature sublimation printing, so your designs and colors will turn out beautifully.

Are you ready to add some of these custom printed fabric items to your online store? The great thing about print on demand products like these from Galloree is that you don’t have to worry about keeping them in inventory. You can try them out in your store, and if they don’t sell you can just take them down and try something else that will better fit your customers’ needs – all without losing a single dime. Enhance your store with these and other custom printed fabric products today.