Choosing a t-shirt fulfillment company

t-shirt fulfillment companyWhat to Look for in a T-Shirt Fulfillment Company

There are many things that make a t-shirt fulfillment company one worth doing business with. It should go without saying that quality customer service is very important, as is a product that looks great and is affordable. Of course, there are a few things that tie specifically to t-shirt fulfillment, such as top quality merchandise, a system that is easy to use, no minimums in orders, and the ability to handle bulk orders. Here are a few reasons these are vital.

 ·         Top Quality: When you are looking for a t-shirt, whether to wear yourself or utilize for your business, it is important that the product be of great quality. Your images should be crisp, clean and colorful – and look exactly as they were designed. Your brand is extremely important, and it is imperative that you not compromise quality.

 You should have plenty of options. If you desire vibrant colors and meticulous details, DTG t-shirt printing is great. For large orders, screen printing might be the best choice. Of course, if you need t-shirts in addition to other products, like phone and device cases, drinkware and other materials, it would be ideal to find everything in one place.

Also, it would reflect poorly on you if a t-shirt with your art, logo, or company name did not hold up over time. Therefore, you should work with a t-shirt fulfillment company that uses high quality t-shirts and offers several materials to choose from.

·         Easy to Use: Some companies that provide t-shirt fulfillment are a headache to work with. They may require you to fill out an endless stack of forms, pay for set-up costs and require a minimum order that far exceeds your needs. On the other hand, there are companies that provide great service that is easy to use. Find one that allows you to sell your artwork via their website, either as part of the overall site or with an individual and customizable area.

·         No Minimums: Too many people get stuck with more t-shirts than they need due to minimum requirements. An example is a company that orders cool t-shirts for employees, but is required to commit to 50 or 100 t-shirts before knowing its full staff. After all is said and done, the business may have ordered too many extra smalls or XXLs, and be stuck with the leftovers, while still needing to order more mediums and larges.

·         Bulk Orders: Sometimes you need a large order of t-shirts for a promotion or event. The t-shirt fulfillment company you choose should be able to handle your requests.

There are plenty of companies you can use for t-shirt fulfillment, but there are few that will provide you with all of the benefits listed here. However, is one that does.

 If it fits in your budget a good idea is to order a sample print form several different companies.  One key to this is making sure you order the same exact same sample from each company so you can truly compare the quality of the work. Make sure to use the same design on the same t-shirt color and style. Ordering a 1 color sample on a cheap gildan and another full color sample on a American Apparel will not give you any idea of the difference in quality between different companies.  Then analyze the quality, cost, ease of use, turn time, and any other factors you have.  This will make the decision much easier.

 You never have to worry about Galloree’s ability to deliver great looking top quality products as part of an easy to use system. There are no minimums on, but you can also take advantage of bulk ordering as well. With Galloree, you can find the best products to fit your needs and your budget.

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