Cut and sewn drawstring backpacks.

cut and sewn sublimated drawstring backpacks

Galloree offers custom cut and sewn drawstring backpacks with no minimum order. Design yours today.

Sublimated All Over Drawstring Backpacks

What to Expect When You Design Sublimated All Over Drawstring Backpacks

Just a few years ago, if you wanted to create a custom piece of clothing, a cool backpack, or any other accessory, you were looking at a serious investment. First you’d have to find a printing company and then you’d have to send them a particular design and make a minimum order. If the design wasn’t quite right or if you weren’t happy with the quality of the products, you were stuck with them and you really couldn’t do anything. Today, though, you can create sublimated all over drawstring backpacks in any design you want with no minimum order.

So what can you expect when you design and order sublimated all over drawstring backpacks from Galloree?

A Quality Backpack at an Affordable Price

Drawstring backpacks are great because they’re useful, lightweight, and they don’t cost as much as other backpacks. They make great bags for carrying shoes and a few other things to the gym, or for carrying a few necessities with you when you’re visiting a new city or enjoying a day at the park with friends.

Because they’re compact and light, people use them for all kinds of things, and they’re more likely to buy them from an online store because these sublimated all over drawstring backpacks are both stylish and affordable. They make a great addition to any online store, or you can order one for yourself for a fun and unique bag to take with you anywhere.

Completely Customized Design Options

If you have an image that you want to have printed on sublimated all over drawstring backpacks, you can just upload it to Galloree and position it as you like on the bag. With or without your own image, you can add text, use a wide variety of clip art, and/or add names and numbers for sports-related designs.

Whatever design you choose, it will be printed on both sides of the bag, so you’ll get a completely covered print job that will look professional and attractive. You can wear the bag any way you want, and – because you can zoom the image to get the right size – your design will show up beautifully with no awkward blank spaces.

White Bags for Better Print Colors

Because these sublimated all over drawstring backpacks are made using direct ink transfer printing, your backpack will start as a plain white bag. This doesn’t mean that you can’t change the color. You’ll just add it into the design, and the color will be printed onto your backpack to complete your design. Starting with a white bag allows all of the colors you print on the backpack to come out clear and true to your expectations so you won’t get any unpleasant surprises.

Want to create the coolest sublimated all over drawstring backpacks for yourself, your friends, or to sell online in your own store? Create your design today and see what other products you can create with Galloree today!


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