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Online stores

Galloree's online store system is powerful and puts the control in our user’s hands. Setting up an online store is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. Our unique features allow our users to upload their designs and put them on all of our quality products and be ready to take orders literally within 5 minutes.  


Galloree stores have so many more options than other sites. Our stores can be set up to be public or private. Public stores allow your products can be seen on our website and ordered by anyone, commented on and shared through social media. Private stores are set up the same easy way but the products are not displayed on our website. When setting up a private store our systems allow users to send invitations to their intended customers. This is a perfect solution for photographers and artist who do contract work.  


Unbranded stores. 

Galloree offers our customer the opportunity to create unbranded stores that do not have our logo on them and are transparent to your customers. Our unbranded stores are hosted on our website, but can be embedded into your existing website or Facebook page. Like our site you store will be secured with 256 bit SSL encryption and accepts payments via credit card and PayPal.