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Direct to garment printing

DTG aka Direct to garment printing aka digital shirt printing is new technology that uses inkjet technology to print graphics directly onto finished garments like t-shirts and hoodies. DTG printing can achieve extremely fine detail and impressive full color graphics that would be difficult or impossible to screen print.  


The main advantage of Direct to garment printing is that there is no film, screens or additional set up work to be done. The images can be printed directly from the computer to the shirt, making it possible to receive a digital file and have a high quality printed shirt in less than 5 minutes. Another great thing about DTG printing is that you can achieve full color and photographic prints without any more work than printing a simple one color design.  


Although direct to garment printing is awesome and make amazing prints it does have some drawbacks. The main disadvantage is the print speed. DTG printing is perfect for small or individual shirts orders, but the printing time is much slower than screen printing. Typical screen print jobs print at around 350-600 shirts per hour. A single direct to garment printer is only going to print around 50-75 shirts per hour.