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Sellers Guide

Step by step guide to selling:

Getting Started

Step1:  Set up an account here.

Familiarize your self with the workspace. This video might help.  We are too cheap to hire voice over people or actors so don't make fun.




Upload a design for all products
By clicking the my artowrk tab you can upload a design and place it on all products. Here is the sequence to do so:
1. Click upload new artwork
2. Name your design. This will be the name of the design as it is displayed on our site and in your store.
3. Select a 72 DPI version of your design for displaying on the website
4. Select a print file. Either a Vector file or 200+ DPI file that is sized appropriatly for the largest item you wish to sell. See required pixels for each item here.
5. Set your profit. This can be set is USD (US Dollars) or a percentage.  When using this feature and quickly designing multiple products we recommend using the % markup. 40% markup is our recommendation. .
6. Click upload artwork.

-Choose your products by clicking the choose products/colors button.  This is drag and drop as well. By not doing this your design will be on all products by default. Choosing the colors is a drag and drop as well. This too will include all avaiable colors if you do not select individual colors.
This may seem like a lot of steps but can easily be completed in less then 5 minutes.

Design individual products
To design individual products simply click the my shop designs button.
1. Click create new design
2. Use our awesome online designer to create your design.
3. Once your design is complete click save
4. select which store to display the product, name the design, choose the main category, and select your items colors.
5. Select your artwork and click edit details button or simply double click you design to open the design details page.
6. Fills out your design details.
-  Enter your search tags, this will help people find your design on our site. Enter only relevant terms.
-Enter a description for your design. How you made it, what it means, what ever you want people to know about it.
- Choose relevant categories, you may choose as many categories as you like. It is a drag and drop list. Drag the categories you want to the left side of the box.

Promotion and marketing

On our site

SEO - When creating your stores use make sure to fill in the page title, keywords and description. This will help search engines find your store and products.

Tags - When adding products make sure to include relevant tags so our visitors can find your products on our site and buy them or share them.

Categories - Choose relevant categories to help people find your design on our site.

Off Site

Social Media - There is this really popular website called facebook. it is a great place to share your designs and let all of your friends and fans know where to find your artwork.  Twitter and all social websites are a great way to spread the word about your artwork, our site makes it easy for you, and everyone to share and promote your designs.

Online forums and communities. Are you a photgrapher or a illustrator? share your designs and store with people in your field. Getting involved in online communities that share you interest is a perfect way to showcase and sell your designs.


Printed Media - Although print media is not nessasary, it wont hurt to have some business cards or flyers you designed to help promote your artwork.
Family and friends- These should be some of your first customers. People get excited to have artwork and merchandise created by someone they know.  Family and friends are also your biggest fans and will help sell your designs without even knowing they are.  Family and friends will also tell thier family and friends about your awesomness so utilize them.

Getting Paid

Ahh the fun part.  We pay every week for sales made over the past 30 days.  Once someone places and order you will get paid within 30 days. If you get orders every week you will get paid every week.  Unlike many site we dont pay in 60-90 days.  We want our store owners and artist to keep using our services and one way to enusre that is to pay promptly.  We pay only using paypal. so make sure to sign up with your paypal email. If you dont have one it is easy and take a few minutes to create an account. If you cant do that or are unwilling, then we wont be able to pay you.

Tracking stats and profits.
Click the statics tab to see a overwhelming amount of data about your store, products, profits and every other detail you could need.  This is also where to want to check to see if you have any orders and see how much profit you have comming and have been paid.