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Sell your designs and artwork online

Selling your art, photography, illustrations and designs on Galloree.com is super easy and you can make some real money. Unlike most sites that allow artists to sell their items, we don't set the prices and markups/commisions. YOU DO!  

All of our items have a base price. This is the price we need to cover our cost and make a modest profit. We allow our users to add an additional markup on top of our base prices on all of our products. So you have total control over what price your items sell for and how much of that money is your profit.  


For example; our Gildan ultra cotton tee has a base price of $10.00 for white shirts and $13.60 for colored shirts. If you add a 40% markup you will profit $4.00 on each white shirt you sell, and $5.44 on the colored shirts; bam that is HUGE!  

Be carefull, don't price your products too high. You won't get rich on one order. You're better off pricing your items fairly and getting more orders. We recommend a 40% markup across the board.  


Create an account and start selling now.  


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