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Sell Art Online

Sell your art online with a free custom store from Galloree.


Selling your art and designs online has never been easier than with Galloree.com.  Using our free online stores artists, illustrators, designers and photographers can quickly and easily set up a custom unbranded online store to sell thier art ot he their fans.  Galloree makes setting up a store fast and easy. Once you sign up for a store you will be able to upload your art, place it on our awesome products, set your prices and profit, and customize the look of your store.  Each time a sale is made Galloree will produce your products and ship them directly to your customers.  Once your customer receives their order Galloree PayPals you your profits. 

Our awesome products include tee shirts, fine art prints, canvas, device cases, stickers, posters, drinkware and much more.  We offer over 150 products for you to customize and sell in your online store.  Once you create your online store you will be able to customize it to your liking or to match your existing look and website.  You can add a logo or header image and adjust the back ground color or use a background image.  You can also add external links or point links to certain products or categories in your store. 

Your custom stores will not have the Galloree logo and can be eaily embeded into your existing site or facebook page.  Galloree will print and ship your order directly to your customers.  You will be able to login to your account and view orders, statics and profits.

With a free onlise store from Galloree you will have total control over what products you sell, the pricing and the look and feel of your store.  Galloree's services and store are also non exclusive. You can sell your items on other site and however you'd like. You also own all right to your designs and can remove items from your store or delete your store at any time.

Sign up for a free store at Galloree.com today

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