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Merchandise Fulfillment Services

Galloree.com specializes in custom merchandise and fulfillment services. We have created a simple platform for our customers who need custom merchandise and order fulfillment services.  Designers, photographers, bands and brand owners can easily and quickly upload their designs and create a custom storefront in minutes. These stores can be made to match existing websites, and embedded in existing pages such as WordPress, Tumbler and Facebook or basically any site the customer can paste HTML into.

The store fronts come fully e-commerce ready and accept credit cards and PayPal payments.  Once an order is placed, Galloree.com produces, packs and ships the order to your customers within 2-4 days.  Products included in the store are men's and women's tees and hoodies, youth and baby apparel, iPhone and iPad cases, stickers, posters, tote bags, wall decals, fine art prints, organic apparel, device skins, hats, skateboards, and drinkwear.  All of these products are produced in house by Galloree.  Basically all the essential merchandise products you need to promote and make money for your brand.


Our merchandising customers set all of their own prices for all items they sell in their stores.  Profits can be added to all items on a % basis or in actual dollars. Typically a 40% general markup is recommended. For example and American Apparel jersey tee has a base price of $13.00 for white shirts and $16.65 for colored shirts. With a 40% markup the profit would be $5.20 for every white shirt sold and $6.66 for every colored shirt sold. That is a solid profit margin and sure beats ordering dozens of shirts that may not sell.

Galloree.com pays store owners every week and is on a 30 day cycle. So if you make a sale you get paid for it within 30 days.  And if you make constant sales you will get paid every week.  The 30 day cycle give the customers time to receive, and if needed make returns or exchanges. All payments to store owners are made via PayPal.