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Giclee Printing Services

Giclee (pronounced Zhee-Klay) is a term that basically refers to high quality digitil prints produced on a high end inkjet printer. Although there is no offical rules for a print being classified as giclee our gicless prints are the finest quality possible. Galloree uses new Canon ipf8400 44inch wide 12 color printers. These printer can produce a color range that can not be equaled by common printers with 4-8 colors.  


The other main component in Giclee printing is the media. Galloree stocks a great fine art paper. Our standard fine art paper is a 20mil matte finish textured velvet paper. This paper is perfect for fine are printing and orginal art reproductions. If you have a project that requires a certain paper or look please let us know and we can source your media and give your the finished print you need.