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Fine Art Printing

fine art printing

High quality fine art giclee printing services. 


Galloree offers high end fine art and photographic printing at great prices.  Our new Canon IPF8400 12 color and Epson 9890 9 color large format printers produce the finest possible quality prints.  Our fine art printing is available in 8 standard sizes. We can produce custom size prints up to 42 inch print on 44 inch paper and up to 20 feet long.  We offer our fine art prints on ultra-high quality 315g 21mil (very thick) bright white velvet matte stock.  This media has a light texture, heavy feel and is perfect for producing vibrant art and painting reproductions.  


We also offer ultra-high resolution photo printing services.  Our high end printers and top quality media produce stunning photo prints.  As with our fine art prints we offer 8 standard size and can do custom sizes up to 44in x 20ft in size.  Galloree does its photographic prints on an exceptional satin photo paper. This paper is 300g 11.5 mil thick with a slight gloss finish.  This media produces wonderful true black and white images, as well as deep rich color images and does not fingerprint.  This exceptional paper is perfect for portraits and photographic displays and perfect for your customers who want photo enlargements with a traditional sharp satin finish.  Our print quality on both fine art and photo media is exceptional. Using our 12 color printers we can achieve a massive color gamut, true blacks and beautiful light tones and gradients 

Galloree's giclee fine art and photographic printing services are a perfect match for artists, illustrators and photographers looking for amazing reproduction of their work.  Our advanced online platform gives our users the ability to set up customized unbranded online store to offer their art and photography to their customers.  A unique feature of our online store program is the ability to set up private stores.  This feature designed specifically for photographers and artist who do contracted work, allows to you create custom stores that are password protected and can be viewed by invitation only.  This is perfect for wedding and event photographers and artists. 

Galloree wants to be your preferred fine art print provider.  We offer fast turn time, worldwide shipping, free online stores and excellent prices; so sign up today and let us help you create and sell amazing prints.



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