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Gene Guilmette

Gene Guilmette

I’m a multi-faceted freelance artist and writer in the Portland OR area. I’ve been drawing since I was knee high to grasshopper and to this day I look for fun and challenging projects to fill my studio with. I believe in quality and I have a high standard that I set for my projects, both personal and professional. Above all I want to make sure my clients are as happy with their final piece as much as I am. To the artist or creater just starting out, I'd like to say, if you are wondering if art or comics or writing or whatever your dream is.. don't let ANYONE tell you you can't. Find your passion. Find it, nurture it and

Visit my store/s: RLT Press

Best Sellers

  • Minion Trinity
  • Wonder Woman, We Can Do It! all over t-shirt
  • Guardian Moon, iphone case
  • The Thunder God
  • Spirit of Pride, iPhone case
  • Wonder Woman, We Can Do It! Throw Pillow
  • Professor Bubbles All Over Tee
  • The Guardian Moon, All over Tee
  • Star Trek: Unlimited
  • Galactus vs Death Star Throw Pillow
  • We Can Do It, Wonder Woman
  • Galactus vs Death Star Men's Basic Tee
  • The Sand Maiden, 18x24 canvas print
  • The Sand Maiden, Men's all over

Latest Designs

  • Professor Bubbles All Over Tee
  • Unisex Tee - Have a Knotty Day, white letters
  • Unisex Tee - Have a Knotty Day
  • Unisex Tee - Robert and the Giant Impeachment
  • Unisex Tee - Dark Universe Space Ghost
  • Unisex Tee - Star Trek Unlimited
  • Unisex Tee - Extraordinary Droids
  • Unisex Tee - Batman Forever
  • Unisex Tee - Deadpool Watchmen
  • Unisex Tee - Super Grover vs Spiderham
  • Unisex Tee - I can't Breath!
  • Unisex Tee - Never Say Die!
  • Unisex Tee - Time Oddity
  • Unisex Tee - R2 the Grouch
  • Unisex Tee- The Savage Hellboy
  • Unisex Tee - Muppet Walking Dead