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I am a highly energetic Individual Individual. I love to produce and direct plays and participate in live theater. I create, develop and host unique community event experiences, balancing it all off, I enjoy painting ... black/white and acryllic paint. Kalaful Art House online store is the host to Artist from around the world. We welcome the opportunity to host your product. For information, email to: kalafull@aol.com.

Visit my store/s: Kalaful Artist Gallery

Latest Designs

  • Greeting Cards
  • Coffee Mug
  • Tote Bag
  • 20 x 16 Canvas
  • Sun Burst Orange Socks
  • Sun Burst Universal Tee
  • Sun Burst Ladies Slim Fit Tee
  • Sun Burst Ladies v-neck
  • Original Design Socks
  • Original Design Universal Tee
  • Original Design Slim Fit Tee
  • Original Design
  • Golden Reddish Chain Socks
  • Golden Chains Slim Fit Tee
  • Golden Chains
  • Golden Chains