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I'm using this as a platform to express myself.....but also to give you the opportunity to express yourselves as well. I always remembered going to the store and finding a shirt and one of 2 things happened: 1. The shirt didn't fit 2. The shirt never said what I wanted it to really say. It didn't represent me and what I wanted to express. So I said to myself, " Why not make my own shirts?". So here I am! What is on here now is only the beginning! Eventually, I will add my whole list of designs. For now, if you have any requests, hit me up @ kdbdesignz@gmail.com or on my number @ (404) 919-3681.

Visit my store/s: KDBDesignz Multiverse FC

Best Sellers

  • Privilege revised
  • Faith Unyielding
  • HTDR White
  • Faith Unyielding (Ladies)
  • Privilege Shirt (Black)

Most Rated

  • Faith Unyielding (Ladies)

Latest Designs

  • No Movement Necessary
  • Never.....
  • SAB Coalition Hat
  • Step Up Mens shirt
  • Step Up shirt (Mens)
  • SAB Coalition White (Ladies)
  • SAB Coalition black (Ladies)
  • SAB Coalition White
  • SAB Coalition
  • Core Principles (Ladies)
  • Core Principles (White)
  • Core Principles Shirt (Black)
  • "Fire in Me" Womens' Shirt
  • Step Up (Ladies)
  • Privilege revised
  • HTDR White