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Once the idea was set the project just needed a name. The name GI9, has and will always be accredited to an upset four year old in Fairfax, Virginia. The band name brought fourth when she took a sharpie and ruined a brand new drum head by writing in very large lettering “P I G” on the surface. With the deed done, adding insult to injury she lifted the head in the air for all to see. Holding it up so she could read it, there it sat in big bold letters, “G I 9.” She proudly pronounced “Pig!”

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Latest Designs

  • Gi9 Skate Board Deck
  • White Gi9 iPhone Tough Case
  • Black Gi9 iPhone Tough Case
  • Red Gi9 Shirt
  • Black Gi9 Shirt
  • White Gi9 Logo (Customize for Any Item)
  • Black Gi9 Logo (Customize for Any Item)