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Custom store Integration options

Galloree offers several options for selling your products on our system. Once your create your store and add a few products visit this page and you can preview the different options for selling.


Galloree offers a quick and easy integration with Shopify. For full instructions please visit this page.   You will be able to easy and quickly add all of your Galloree store items to shopify.  Any orders placed in your Shopify account will automaticaly be printed and fulfilled by Galloree.

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The woocommerce app from Galloree is a quick and easy to use integration for Woocommerce users. The Galloree-Woocommerce APP will make it easy to sync your Galloree store items with your Woocommerce Store. Galloree automatically handles all order fulfillment.

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Embed store with HTML widget

The widget is the best integration option for embeding your custom store into your website. This option needs just single page where you will insert short javascript code that will write your custom store as part of your website, accepting your style - independed of Galloree

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Custom store website hosted on Galloree

Need different look and unbranded pages? You can use your own custom store pages on our Galloree server, this option is enabled by default for all registered custom stores. We keep just small credit link on the page footer. You may also have your own domain name pointed to your Galloree Store. This is very easy and the company you purchased your domain throguh can easily help with this.

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Publish on Galloree market place

Your custom store items are published on our Galloree market place by default. You can decide hide/disable Galloree marketplace publishing on your Products.

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Iframe embeding into your website

You can use iFrame method to embed your store into your website, iframed custom store pages follow your settings and theme on Galloree server.

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Store pages for Facebook embeding

Embed your store on your Facebook account, click to read more info.

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Your custom store API key required for integration with the plugins, check here how to find API key

If you interesting programm your own plugin or software, you should read our API reference quide.