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Custom store website hosted on Galloree server

The Galloree system allows you publish your custom store on Galloree server for free. You can select website template, color theme (if available) and our system does the rest of the work. You can upload your logo, banner, setup your own custom pages and  articles (blog) and customize navigation links and more. All pages are unbranded and we just place a little credit link on page footer. Visitors will buy your designs and process checkout and payment at your hosted pages. 

Homepage for your custom store website on Galloree server URL is:

No custom store selected, please login and/or register a own custom store

Quick Tutorial

Our template system allows you to select a template and customize the template color theme (if available).

Visit your page under Customize mode

It is easy, login to your account and click the button above and you will be redierected (in new window) to your custom store with "Customize template" option available.


You can upload your banner, logo from ShopManager application. Also you can define your navigation links or custom categories. The  customize mode is just for changing template colors. - layout of custom store, not for images or links.

Select template

On the template customize page you will see controls on the top of page. First step is select template for your store. This step will save decision automatically, but you can change it anytime. Rest of changes are saved after your confirmation, but preview changes are available immediatelly.

Select template form dropdown menu

Customize color theme

You can customize color theme of template, if this option available. Please click at "Options" button to show or hide advanced color/template options.

Show/hide color options with "Options" button

For quick color change you can use option "Load preset" (if available), that load saved color theme configuration.

Template can has color presets for start customize color theme from scratch

Each template has different options, but generaly you can change button style, title, page background and other common parts. After you change the colors the page may blink for a second while the changes take place.

You can change the color with click on color swatch

Save changes

Changing the templates will automatically save but the color changes will need to be saved to reamin in place. Once you have the template as you like it click on save to save the changes and make them live.