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Esrog Tie

Esrog Tie

The festival of Sukkot us representative of a physical oneness with the Creator, and follows directly after the High Holidays, in which we strive to achieve a spiritual unity with the Almighty. On the High Holidays we pray for life, but on Sukkot we pray for livelihood and abundance. This is the symbolism of the Esrog, the citroen fruit - which is thought to be the fruit of the tree in the Garden of Eden. When we look at it during our prayers we meditate on the sweet abundant beauty of the produce that the land brings forth - which is in essence representative of our livelihood.

Custom Neck Ties

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White satin poly neck ties. 3.5 x 56 inches in size. These neck ties are custom printed in full color with full coverage on both sides.

Available sizes: One Size

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