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The Foragers - we know you're out there. We've run into you on trails. Those of you that LOVE a good mushroom or those that just want to see if they can wildcraft an entire meal, these are for YOU! Printed with a full dye sublimation process. This means the ink is infused INTO the material making it permanent. Other benefits are no flaking, a softer material feel & greater durability. Your limited edition leggings are made with 4 way stretch fabric that moves BOTH horizontally & vertically, giving you a larger range of movement. **THIS IS NOT A WRAP AROUND DESIGN, THERE WILL BE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE FRONT AND BACK PANELS**

This product item discountinued, for more info please contact us, we can print design on simillar product for your

  • Jive Turkey
  • Capri - Jive Turkey
  • Winding Branch
  • Capri - Winding Branch
  • Capri - Climbing
  • Cinnabar
  • Capri - Cinnabar
  • Winter Color